Janet Blackman
Sock it to Me Made in Roath 2018 For this installation I found myself looking at the domestic and the mundane and often overlooked "clothes peg". Fascinating imagery around the peg such as "holding on" and "fighting with nature" and washday metaphors such as "don't air your dirty washing in public" which in these times have direct correlation's to the use of the mobile phone, it led me this fun way of exploring an ordinary and everyday object; the sock. "Sock it to me" was a request for lonely socks (we all have them lingering in the bottoms of our drawers) and to hang them in a celebration, a salute to the individual and revelation of what we as a community wear on our feet! This was an event that the whole family could enjoy, by digging out their lonely socks and a peg or two and joining me in this celebration of the unsung hero - the sock..... I had a wonderful time talking to people about all sorts of sock related things; from where do all the other socks go to the loneliness. A fascinating insight to human nature and a fun way to interact with the general public.